Hello There :)

I'm Andreea, a 30 years old web and graphic designer from Bucharest, Romania, with 8 years of experience under my belt. I work independently, the headquarters being comfortably located in the compounds of my own home. I specialize in designing beautiful and user friendly websites, mobile apps, corporate identity kits and book covers.

Creating a pleasant experience for those who will browse your website or use your app is always my top priority!

I believe being a dynamic, adaptable and results oriented Computer Science graduate ( B.Bolyai University, Faculty of Mathematics and Computer Science) helps me achieve my professional goals: I'm always attempting to reach perfection and, as the numerous testimonials from my Elance profile can attest, I have succeeded in always satisfying my clients with top quality work. Being just a hobby at first, designing soon became a full time job... And I am loving it! 

What else do I do in my spare time? Well, I love reading (my all time's favorite is the Dune Chronicles series by Frank Herbert, but strongly competing with it is Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game saga). I am also an avid moviegoer. I have a thing for apocalyptic themed movies... and, of course, an alien or two could never hurt a movie's rating in my opinion. Tennis is another hobby of mine, although I am quite bad at it.

So, in case you're looking for a web designer, don't hesitate to check out some of my work and contact me in order for us to create something awesome together!