Contuvo Branding
Contuvo is a financial start-up company that has embarked on a mission of helping people all over the world make the most of the money they earn, with Human Contact & Artificial Intelligence working hand in hand.
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I’ve had the pleasure of designing Contuvo’s visual identity, starting from the logo, on to their marketing website design, the printed branding collaterals and finishing off with their social media campaign visuals.

The main challenge  was to create a trustworthy, strong, bold image for the brand, while also infusing it with a warm, welcoming and feminine touch. Knowing that:  A) Contuvo is a Spanish word, meaning “Contained”  and  B) the company’s main service is financial security/safety for employees (which can be perfectly symbolized with a shield or with “a roof over ones had”), the logo concept was born...