Vara Ciresarilor
This NGO was founded to support communities of parents and tutors, and aims to bring about social change by promoting modern educational values, cultural and recreational activities, while instilling a strong feeling of belonging and safety.
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This large sized poster was designed for a community event held by Parinti de Ciresari. The event took place on most weekends, for the duration of the entire 2022 summer. A street was closed off for traffic, thus offering pedestrians (both adults and kids) extra room for different sports activities, social gatherings, lemonade stands, arts & crafts activities and so on.

The vibrant colors of the composition are those of the already established brand; the summer evoking elements, plus the sports equipment that are "exploding" around their logo's cherry symbol, create a cheerful, fresh and inviting vibe, that's sure to grab all passers by attention.




Into the wild! I always love to see my work come to life.​​​​​​: